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Miraclon appoints new agent in Pakistan

Miraclon has signed a distribution agreement with DigiPrint Technologies in Pakistan to further expand its presence in the region and answer the growing demand for flexo technologies in this country. DigiPrint, based in Islamabad, will be responsible for developing and implementing the sales and marketing of M i r a c l o n ’ s p r o d u c t s t h r o u g h o u t Pakistan. Founded in 2019, the c o m p a n y specializes in the print and packaging sectors and also represents other key brands in the market, including Vianord and Glunz & Jensen. ‘Pakistan is a key growth market for flexo printing and we are seeing an increasing number of gravure jobs are being converted to flexo processes,’ commented Kris Capiau, packaging sales director for Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Eastern Europe at Miraclon Corporation. ‘This opens up a unique opportunity for Miraclon’s Flexcel NX. With a host of existing installations of this technology already established in Pakistan, we are confident that DigiPrint will help us to offer even better support to both new and existing customers in this market.’

The new ESKO Kongsberg X20 Edge at Vision Foods & Packaging Pvt Ltd Lahore

The new ESKO Kongsberg X20 Edge at Vision Foods & Packaging Pvt Ltd Lahore. The Vision Foods & Packaging Pvt Ltd is one of the Lahore’s leading printing & packaging company installs new ESKO Kongsberg X20 Edge through Esko agent in Pakistan M/s Sal-Im International Company, to grow their manufacturing capacity for display signage & P a c k a g i n g quickly to meet increased demand for packaging products. The Kongsberg X Edge is the perfect start of your digital finishing journey. The tried and tested Kongsberg recipe of productivity and flexibility combined with best in class reliability – no compromise.

Bobst & Packages Limited get a crucial printing press up and running during COVID lockdown in Pakistan

When the COVID-19 lockdown struck mid-way through major reassembly of a company’s printing presses, Bobst sent the extra mile to resolve the problem. Imagine the situation. You are a major packaging converter and business is on the up. You are halfway through an upgradto your gravure printing press to increase capacity. The machine will be ourt of action for a period while it is reassembled and upgraded, but no problem- they’ll soon be back up & running and even better then ever. Just in time to fulfill a large new order from one of your biggest clients. Then a global pandemic strikes. theengineers have no choice but to leave. Your machine is in pieces and now you are worried that parts of your business could be too. It is a nightmare scnario, but exactly what happen to packages Limited. one of the leading packaging converters in Pakistan, which provides various industries with a wide range of folding carton board packaging solutions.

AA Labels helps families in Pakistan to access clean water

British label converter AA Labels has made a major donation as part of its charity activities by installing a water treatment plant outside the free health clinic the company runs in Lahore, Pakistan. The project involved drilling 500 feet through bedrock to the water table, installing a filtration system and 10,000-liter dispensing tank, which supplies water to four collection points at the front of the property. Demand is already exceeding expectation, with 140,000 liters of water per week and rising, currently being dispensed and collected by local residents. The project has been completed and fully funded by by Medicaid Action, a charity established in the UK by AA Labels’ owner, Sohail Sethi, who was born in the UK, but spent part of his childhood living with his family in Lahore. The charity primarily funds the Sakina Al-Shifa Clinic, set up by AA Labels in 2009 to provide free medical care to local people in Lahore who cannot afford private health care.

Acme chooses Flexcel NX for new Cape Town facility

Just as South Africa went into a massive lockdown, Acme Graphics has purchased Kodak Flexcel NX System for its fle xo plate man ufac t urin g facili t y in Cape To wn, to complement Johannesburg and Durban sites, propelling the company into n a t i o n a l m a n u f a c t u r i n g status. ‘The system gives us the biggest range of plate choices in th e Sou th African marketp lace. We can process conventional digital plates, flat-top dot plates with or without surface engineering, and Kodak Flexcel NX plates with ink-saving DigiCap technology,’ said Hauke Liefferink, managing director of Acme Graphics. ‘We can also offer digitally modulated screening, enabling printing up to 500lpi and the option of converting an existing flexo press to a CMYK digital press.’

Oliver Inc. leads the way with new BOBST MASTERCUT investment

With sites in Ohio, New York and Virginia, USA, the company is progressing ambitious growth plans as it takes on more competitive, high volume business, requiring faster turnaround times and premium quality. The company supplies the he alth and b e a u t y , p h a r m a c e u t i c a l , food and beverage markets with a range of services including folding carton packaging, in-store point of sale and signage displays, labels, marketing collateral and fulfillment. Nik Blake, Vice President & Plant Manager, said: “Customers choo se Oliv er becau s e we ar e known for o ur speed , flexibility, reliability and experience. We are responsive and attentive to the bespoke needs of every business we work with. We are currently seeing high volume account growth, so it is crucial for us that the standards that we are well-known for are not compromised during these exciting but critical times.

Reprocentret installs fourth Esko CDI Crystal 5080 XPS

One of t he le adin g D anis h ind ependent t rade sho ps reprocentret has invested in a fully integrated flexo plate making technology from Esko to deliver enhanced quality and consistency for its customers. The specialist in plate making for flexible packaging, labels and brand owners has installed a n Esko CDI Crystal 5080 XPS, the fourth suc h m achine at its fa cility in Ve j le, Denmark. ‘r eprocen t ret i s one of the largest independent trade shops in Scandinavia,’ said James Mason, regional business director, EMEA North, at Esko. ‘Having enjoyed a successful relationship for many years, we’re delig hted t o further exte nd our rela t i onship with the installation of a new CDI Crystal XPS. The flexo imager and integrated exposure unit really complement the company’s existing setup, which now includes a completely integrated work flow fe atur in g the full Esk o portfolio for editing, workflow rip, collaboration and imaging.’

Konica Minolta Becomes National Distribution Partner for EFI Wide Format and VUTEk Product Line in Canada

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd. (Konica Minolta), a leading provider of production printing systems, is pleased to announce a national distribution agreement w i t h Electr onic s For Imaging, Inc. to market, service, and support the EFI™ l i ne o f Wide Format and V UTEk® print solutions. T he pa rtners hip between Kon i ca Mino lta and E FI has been established for some time, with Konica Minolta selling EFI Fiery® digital front ends for Konica Minolta digital printers and presses, and distributing the EFI H1625 LED wide format printer. The agreement announced today will extend further to include all EFI wide format inkjet solutions, including VUTEk superwide hybrid, roll-to-roll, and fabric soft signage printers.

SICPA, REYNDERS Fight Against Fakes in Europe

nounced a new partnership to help strengthen brand protection and anti-counterfeiting efforts across Europe. Combining SICPA’s strengths in security ink technologies and REYNDERS’ expertise in label printing, the partnership will deliver innovative label solutions to companies at a time when counterfeiting and fraud are reaching all-time highs. " W e ’ r e seeing an increasing need for quick and s i m p l e identification of g e n u i n e products in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector, where counterfeit scams are rampant and consumer health is an absolute priority," said Marc Reynders, CEO of REYNDERS label printing.

Clariant Launches Hostatint SI Pigment Dispersions Line Engineered for Exact Color Matching

Clariant launched a new line of pigment dispersions engineered for exact color matching, reducing the time and costs related to batch-to-batch reformulations. This novel approach answers a direct need of formulators who work on i n d u s t r i a l , automotive, maintenance and other demanding protective coatings. New Hostatint SI pigment dispersions address one of the top challenges for North American manufacturers of solventbased paints and coatings, the majority of which are used in industrial applications. “Through discussions with customers, we saw a real need in this region’s extensive industrial coatings market for pigment dispersions that can deliver consistent color eliminating or minimizing formulation adjustments between batches," said Dr. Romesh Kumar, senior Technical Sales manager, North America.

Integ Installs 1st HP Indigo 7K Digital Press

the US, acquired the first HP Indigo 7K Digital Press manufactured in the new 19-inch product line now launching worldwide. Integ, a long-time operator of HP Indigo digital solutions, is upgrading its digital printing operations with t h e installation of the HP Indigo 7K. The HP Indigo 7K o f f e r s e x p a n d e d d i g i t a l versatility thanks to supporting thicker media and more than 20 specialty inks, including metallic colors, along with its core advantages of on-demand, unlimited variability.

Agfa Increasing Inkjet Ink Production Capacity

In order to cope with growing volume demands, Agfa will significantly invest in the expansion of its inkjet ink production capacity. A new manufacturing plant will focus on water-based inkjet inks. The new production facility – located at Agfa’s headquarters in Mortsel, Belgium – will enable Agfa to serve its current customers, as well as to be a key supplier of aqueous inkjet inks for a wide range of n o v e l applications. Its first target is the growing market of printing on décor paper for the production of laminate floorings and furniture panels, where inkjet printing with Agfa’s water-based inks delivers a very costeffective solution.

Liquid X Receives OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification for Textiles

Liquid X announced that its proprietary, particle-free silver ink used to create e-textiles and other functional textiles has received the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification – a label earned by textiles deemed safe for contact with skin after testing for harmful substances like carcinogens and heavy metals. Liquid X earned the strictest, baby-safe rating, Appendix 4, Product Class 1, certifying that its particle-free silver ink applied on nonwoven polyester fabric meets the human-ecological requirements not only for babies and toddlers up to 36 months (Class 1) but also for direct contact with the skin of anyone older than that (Class 2).

Green-Label adds second Nilpeter FA-17

Danish converter Green-Label has acquired a second Nilpeter FA-17 to increase its production capacity and meet increasing customer demand. The press is scheduled for installation in the third quarter of 2020. Green-Label’s new 8-color FA-17 features the added registration and film application packages, a rail system for valueadding options, softtension unwind and UVlamination, and more. The FA-Line offers easy press operation for both flexible packaging and label jobs, with quick job setup and changeovers. ‘The new press is tailored for quick turnarounds, and a perfect fit for the majority of our orders; from six to 8-colors with lamination. Changing from one 6-color job to another typically takes around 15 minutes, that’s as fast, if not faster, than on our smaller machines. That’s why we bought it, and we’re positive it will add to our flexibility and competitiveness,’ said Claus Grønning, co-owner of Green- Label.

Master Label installs largest Nilpeter press in Indonesia

Master Label has acquired a 22in Nilpeter FA-Line with 12 UV-flexo printing units, gravure, and cold foil making it the largest flexo press installation in Indonesia for the Danish manufacturer. Master Label is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. It supplies health and beauty labels for high-end brand owners in the region, in addition to labels and f l e x i b l e p a c k a g i n g products in food and beverage, household care, pharmaceuticals, special chemicals and smart packaging. The flexo press was delivered to the Indonesian converter at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, making this a very challenging installation with adhering to all social distancing guidelines. ‘Nilpeter and the new FA-Line is the ideal choice for us to further cement our position as Indonesia’s premier printing company,’ commented Dharmadi Bongso, owner of Master Label. ‘We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with Nilpeter concerning printing presses, consumables, and ancillary equipment.

Domino launches K600i embellishment technology

Domino Digital Printing Solutions has officially launched its next generation digital embellishment technology that can be used either as a digital spot varnish or a digital adhesive for cold foil applications. Vi s i tor s to the Domino at La b e l e x p o Europe had a chance see the preview and compare the quality of the highly embellished labels that were created using company’s UV-curable clear ink UV67CL with two K600i ink jet printers installed on an AB Graphic’s Digicon Series 3 finishing line.

Kester Imaging installs first Konica Minolta JETvarnish 3D One

Kansas-based label converter Kester Imaging has installed the first Konica Minolta JetVarnish 3D One to expand its digital embellishment line of business. Kester Imaging has been already using MGI JETvarnish 3DS digital press purchased in September 2017. At the time, the company had seven Konica Minolta digital presses in house producing the vast majority of its print output. ‘The kind of relationship we have built with Konica Minolta is integral to our success because they are interested in our growth, not just in selling us a machine,’ said Richard Kester, owner of Kester Imaging. ‘We like having their technicians in the shop because they are supportive, easy to deal with and informative when we ask a question. We can have frank conversations about what we like and don’t like – and what we need. It’s a corporate attitude we find with the Konica Minolta support team. You don’t get to have that kind of candor with most vendors.’

Bellwyck invests in Heidelberg and Mark Andy presses

Toronto-based label and packaging converter Bellwyck has installed Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 102 and Mark Andy Digital Series HP presses. Both machines are the first installations in Canada. ‘Our company is known for our commitment to innovation, quality and customer excellence,’ said John McVeigh, president, premium and pharma/healthcare packaging solutions at Bellwyck. ‘We meet each client where they are, and we always strive to provide innovative options as they evolve and grow. From helping drive efficiencies and quality to eco-friendly solutions and smart packaging options, our core focus is to meet and exceed the rigorous standards of our clients while continually finding new ways to help them stand out in the marketplace.’

Bobst Embracing Shrink Sleeve Production

As one of the fastest-grow in g segm ents in the label market, Bobst is offering prod uct support for sh rink sl ee ves. Acc ording to Smi th er s , th e gl obal m ark et sh ar e of all types of sleeve l abel s will grow annuall y by 6 .9% in the p e r i o d 20 1 9– 2 4, making it t h e h i g h e s t g r o w t h t y p e among all l a b e l for mats. S hrin k sleeves are full-color labels that cov er the entir e su rface of the con taine r, o ffering 360° graph ics for b ra nding and messaging. Th ey are printed on special fil mic substrat es that, with the ap pl ica tion of heat, shrink to w ra p a round the shape of the conta in er. En d-use applicat io n is found predominantly in the f ood a nd beverages but h as spread throug hout the p har mac eutical a nd nu t rac eu tic al, toiletr ie s , health a nd be au t y, an d industr ial and hou s ehold cl eaning segments.

ARMOR USA Completes Latest Building Expansion

2900 Earhart Court in Hebron, KY has played host to ARMOR USA for the past 20 years. In the beginning, the company was only renting out a small portion of the building for its production lines and offices, but as the years went by, ARMOR USA became larger and larger, which created a need for more and more space. In turn, A R M O R rented out the rest of the units in the building, one by one, as its needs grew. The building is only so big though, and to keep up with the constant increase in demand for its Thermal Transfer ribbons, ARMOR USA took another major step by expanding to an entirely new building: 3000 Earhart Court. Currently, ARMOR USA occupies 81,000 square feet of space. With the new expansion, ARMOR USA will add more than 32,000 square feet, resulting in a total of 113,000 square feet of space.

Kodak, Uteco Unveil Digital Flexible Packaging Press

Kodak, in partnership with Uteco, announced the launch of a digital flexible packaging press. The announcement was scheduled to come during drupa 2020. The Sapphire EVO W is the first flexible packaging press to enter the market using Kodak’s latest continuous inkjet technology. The Uteco Sapphire EVO W press is the second product developed by the Uteco Group in p a r t n e r s h i p with Kodak for digital flexible p a c k a g i n g production. The waterbased Kodak Prosper Press QD Packaging Inks have been certified for indirect food contact. Kodak first introduced the new Uteco Sapphire EVO W late last year and intended to officially launch it at drupa.

EFI Nozomi White Ink Achieves OCC Certification from Western Michigan University

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. received an additional validation from the Western Michigan University (WMU) Recycling, Paper and Coating Pilot Plant – a l e a d i n g certification organization f o r c o r r u g a t e d recycling – that further verifies the r e c y c l i n g and repulpability of boards printed with white EFI Nozomi UV LED inks. The WMU Pilot Plant provided an OCC (old corrugated containers) certification to EFI Nozomi white inks, extending the solid, research-driven evidence that Nozomi inkjet-printed corrugated boards can safely, efficiently and effectively enter recycling streams. This new certification follows the WMU Pilot Plant’s initial OCC certification provided for the EFI Nozomi C18000 printer’s CMYK four-color process ink set.

Messe Düsseldorf draws up safety plan for its events

Messe Düsseldorf, the organizer of Interpack and drupa, has published a hygiene and infection protection concept as it prepares for restarting its events in September. The hygiene and infection protection concept of the Düsseldorf exhibition center enables industry trade shows to be held while ensuring the protection for exhibitors, visitors, partners and members of staff. It ensures observance of the required health precautions, hygiene measures and distancing rules and encompasses both measures for headcount and space management as well as hygiene, technical and organizational measures provided by the federal state government for holding congresses and trade fairs.

Kurz develops recycling process for PET materials

Leonhard Kurz has developed a process for recycling residual PET materials, which enables the carrier foils from transfer finishing products to be used as an injection molding material for high-value applications. The company has succeeded in recycling the residual material and turning it into a high-quality, injection moldable material. While recycled plastics are usually used for simple secondary applications such as exercise mats, park benches or flowerpots, the PET material developed by Kurz can be utilized for sophisticated injection molding applications.

Primera launches LX610 printer with builtin die-cutting

Primera Technology, a manufacturer of specialty color printers, has launched its new LX610 desktop color printer with built-in digital die-cutting ability, developed especially for short runs of labels in any size or shape without custom dies. Primera claims that the new LX610 is the only inkjet desktop color label printer in the world to combine highresolution color label printing with digital die-cutting. Images are printed at up to 4,800 DPI onto a variety of different label materials. After each image is printed, it is cut to the desired size and shape with a highprecision carbide steel knife blade. The printer comes complete with intuitive software for laying out print and cut files. In addition, standard pre-die-cut labels and tags can also be fed through the machine just like any other color label printer.

Koenig & Bauer appoints Dr Andreas Pleßke as management board spokesman

Dr Andreas Pleßke has been appointed as the management board spokesman for Koenig & Bauer AG with effect from 1 January 2021. The company’s supervisory board appointed him to this position, in which he will remain until the end of 2025. Dr Pleßke is currently the board member for Koenig & Bauer’s Special segment. The top board position has therefore once again been filled from within its own ranks.

Esko launches next generation ArtPro+ 20.0

Esko has launched the latest generation of its native PDF editor for packaging and label prepress, ArtPro+ 20.0 with advantages including 70 percent faster trapping and significant time and material savings for staggered plate cutting. Building on the success of its predecessor, the software premieres a host of new features and tools to enable prepress operators to reduce the time spent on nonvalue adding tasks and increase the speed of jobs to press. The new software increases packaging prepress efficiency by eliminating errors and increasing automation of the editing process.

Wauters Group relies on Heidelberg technology for the production of luxury packagings

Packaging specialist B.Pack, a member of the Wauters Group, relies on Heidelberg technology for highly productive manufacturing of luxury packagings. The company recently installed its second Speedmaster XL 75 custom machine from H e i d e l b e r g e r Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg). This special m a c h i n e c o n f i g u r a t i o n enables the back and front of folding cartons to be produced in one pass. This means, for example, that small luxury folding cartons with full-surface printing on the inside with two dark blue inks and protective coating followed by five colors on the outside with gloss coating, matt coating, or gold coating can be produced. Coating prior to perfecting and various inking and coating units enable a high level of flexibility. The machine can also be used for collecting packagings, for example for three to five different perfume bottles, or for shower gel, deodorant, and perfume from one brand. These are produced for the airport duty free sector, where text is required more and more frequently on the inside of these cartons.

Huhtamäki invests in nyloflex Xpress Thermal System

Finland-based flexible packaging specialist Huhtamäki has invested in Fling Group’s nyloflex Xpress to increase its print quality and introduce a solvent free plate production system. Huhtamäki’s main challenge is consistency in print quality, despite the variations on the printed substrate and with its previous plate making equipment reaching the end of life cycle, the company decided to invest in a more efficient and e n v i r o n m e n t a l l y friendly replacement. After an extensive market research, the company decided to invest in a complete Flint Group plate making technology, consisting of the nyloflex Xpress Thermal System, nyloflex Exposure F IV ECLF, nyloflex XPM thermal printing plates and a ThermoFlexX 60.

GMG Supports X-Rite i1Pro 3 devices

X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone have announced that GMG’s proofing software supports the new i1Pro 3 Family of color management devices. The combination of GMG ColorProof, GMG ProofControl and the i1Pro 3 color measurement instrument allows printers and converters to verify digital proofs for color accuracy based on industry standards such as Fogra PSO and PSD. ‘With this new c o l l a b o r a t i v e solution, users benefit from an easier, more reliable, and much more efficient way of working,’ said Jens Bloeck, product manager for proofing at GMG. ‘Users no longer need to worry about the challenges of dealing with different measurement conditions.’

Birografika MB installs its first MPS flexo press

Serbian label converter Birografika MB has installed its first MPS EFS 430 multi-substrate flexo press to respond to the growing demand for wraparound labels and shrink sleeves in the region. Founded in 1920 as Birografika Subotica, located in Subotica, Serbia, the printing house transformed into Birografika MB in 2006 as a trading company to successfully secure the well-known brand and employees, which led to their success in becoming one of the leading printers in the region. The company’s main activity is the production of printed materials such as flexible packaging and labels with comprehensive services and equipment in flexo, digital and offset printing. Birografika specializes in supplying large print orders, customization to meet customer needs, and boasts a number of reputable references in all sectors.

Koenig & Bauer celebrates award series at virtual printing fair

With its new Rapida press generation, Koenig & Bauer offers proud proof of the power of industrial design. The new flagship of the company’s sheetfed offset portfolio has already picked up two coveted design awards. And c o n s i s t e n t implementation of a brand management concept has likewise earned praise from competition jury members. The good news crowned the virtual fair event Koenig & Bauer LIVE. The presentation of the Red Dot Design Award on 22nd June kicked off the second week of Koenig & Bauer LIVE. Broadcast as an online stream, the event was a perfect opportunity for the company to showcase its latest product innovations for the print industry. One undisputed highlight was the new Rapida press generation for the sheetfed offset segment. “Our newly developed machine will set new standards in the printshop, not only technically but also in its design,” said a clearly delighted Ralf Sammeck, member of the executive board of Koenig & Bauer and CEO of the Sheetfed business unit, during the product presentation.

Bostik launches Born2Bond range of engineering adhesives

Bostik has launched Born2Bond, a new range of innovative engineering adhesives designed for ‘by-the-dot’ bonding in the high-end packaging and luxury goods sector. The range includes new, low-odor formulations, which enable a more comfortable manufacturing environment, and lowblooming technologies, a critical feature for producers of highend goods where aesthetics and quality of finish is essential. ‘The instant e n g i n e e r i n g a d h e s i v e s launched as the first in the range raise the bar for a l l - r o u n d performance. Designers and manufacturers are facing critical challenges such as the need to minimize the effects of blooming and the need for a more adaptable and faster curing process, while meeting more demanding environmental and health and safety regulations,’ said Polivio Goncalves, global market manager, engineering adhesives at Bostik. ‘Born2Bond will enable customers to improve efficiencies, increase design opportunities and enhance sustainability, making it easier for them to manufacture better, safer and ever more innovative products.’

Socipack installs second Nilpeter press

One of the leading Ivory Coast flexible packaging and label converters Socipack has installed the second Nilpeter 22in wide FA-Line press to increase its capacity in preparation for planned expansion across the West African region. Socipack, created in 2016 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, is currently operating within several plastics segments, including film extrusion, injection, blow molding, and woven sacks. The company was established to produce flexible packaging using a couple of complete CI flexo lines with inline finishing, as well as 5- layer co-extrusion film production machinery. A fully equipped 8-color Nilpeter FA-6 flexo press was installed in 2017, and immediately after installation, Hassan Abdallah, general manager at Socipack indicated that significant market needs would lead to acquiring a second press in the near future.

Brook & Whittle acquires Label Impressions

Brook and Whittle Holdings, one of the leading providers of sustainable pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels has acquired California-based Label Impressions to further expand its geographical presence to the West Coast. Label Impressions is a well-established provider of unique printed label with partnerships across several segments of household and personal care, premium beverage, beauty and cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food, cannabis, a m o n g s t other end markets. T h e addition of L a b e l Impressions' West Coast presence to Brook and Whittle's existing footprint in the Northeast, Midwest and South results in a coast to coast US manufacturing network. Label Impressions also introduced a number of new capabilities to Brook & Whittle including sachets and packets, stand up pouches, security labels, smart packaging, protective packaging, and augmented reality. Similar to Brook & Whittle, Label Impressions is highly focused on sustainability.

I.D. Images adds Epson printers to its portfolio

I.D. Images has signed a partnership agreement with Epson to distribute its ColorWorks inkjet labels printers, service plans, and consumables including compatible media with stock, madeto- order, and a variety of films and papers. I.D. Images now offers a full inkjet portfolio with printers, compatible label media, ink cartridges, printer accessories, and s e r v i c e . C o l o rWo r k s printers can contribute to i n c r e a s e d productivity by reducing preprinted label cost and complexity. The company also offers over 70 stock and made-to-order items, including a wider temperature labeling range for adhesion suitable for most freezer applications.

Skymark launches fully recyclable flexible packaging material

Skymark, an independent manufacturer of flexible film packaging materials for the food, hygiene and medical sectors, has launched a new range of multifunctional, fully recyclable Polyethylene (PE) laminates. Launched in early 2019, Skymark has successfully commercialized its recyclable PE/PE laminate product range to replace existing mixed material laminates running on today’s packing lines. Manufactured in a p r o d u c t i o n facility in Scunthorpe, UK, the company’s range of recyclable products are suitable for various packaging applications across the medical, hygiene and food sectors. The range of matt and gloss recyclable laminates continues to gather a positive feedback from both brand owners and consumers alike. In response to a more environmentally aware marketplace, Skymark is also supplying a range of recyclable laminates with an anti-microbial additive to support the fight against bacteria in supply chains. Using its experience in flexible packaging development, the company has been working with existing and new customers to transition away from non-recyclable mixed polymer laminates into mono-polymer designs that consider every aspect of the supply chain and circular economy.

Packaging printer continues to strengthen its market position with new Speedmaster XL 106

The wait was worth it. Schäfer Druck & Verpackung GmbH & Co.KG in Werther has been a hive of activity for several days with the installation of the Speedmaster XL 106 2020 generation from H e i d e l b e r g e r Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg). It represents the first installation of an elevated press for a packaging printer in Germany. A new foundation up to two meters deep was poured specifically for the Speedmaster XL 106-6+L. Schäfer Druck & Verpackung added a countdown to its homepage to count down the days to the installation, which given the coronavirus pandemic had to be planned even more carefully to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. Schäfer Druck & Verpackung specializes in folding cartons for the food industry and numbers well-known brands from the confectionery and frozen food sectors among its long-standing customers.

Wolfram Diener appointed new CEO of Messe Düsseldorf

Wolfram Diener has been appointed new CEO of Messe Düsseldorf, taking over the role from Werner Dornscheidt, who retires on 1 July 2020 after over 17 years as a president and CEO. Erhard Wienkamp and Bernhard Stempfle will complete the management team. Dornscheidt has left his mark on Messe Düsseldorf: its corporate strategy, its international outlook, its state-of-the-art premises, its digital transformation and its financial stability. After almost 17 years as a President & CEO – and serving the company for about 37 years –Dornscheidt will now resign from his office on 30 June 2020. ‘Trade fairs are my life,’ said Werner Dornschiedt. ‘What we have built up together with my team over all those years benefits the company today. While conditions are difficult at present, it is comforting to know that “my” company is in good hands. The team is already busy working on a re-start and developing further digital add-ons so that Messe Düsseldorf will also remain the successful, reputable company in the future that it is today. I have made my contribution.’

Interket installs new Xeikon CX300 at its Swedish plant

installed recently launched Xeikon CX300 press at its Swedish site to accommodate the growing demand for short run labels and take an advantage of food safety approved toners. I n t e r k e t operates five production sites in Europe: Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Denmark and Sweden. Each of them caters to its local market. The company supplies a wide variety of labels that range from basic to complex options including security applications. Its customer base ranges from small local businesses to large Blue Chip and pan-European clients.

Cyngient adhesive expands shrink sleeve cold foil color gamut

Cyngient, a provider of inks, coatings and adhesives for label and packaging converters, has launched Hypercolor, an adhesive technology that expands the number of shrink sleeve cold foil color options for brand owners. Hypercolor, a pigmented cold foil adhesive, is a lowcost alternative to hot stamping and a new method for brand enhancement. Hypercolor also provides shrink sleeve converters with an eco-friendly product that is Nestlé-compliant and adheres to California Proposition 65, all while providing a lower migration option to standard adhesives.

Doga Etiket installs GM DCFlex despite pandemic limitations

Turkish converter Doga Etiket has installed Grafisk Maskinfabrik DCFlex compact integrated converting line customized with spot varnish and foiling, die-cut and rewind units enabling high speed production. The DCFlex, which comes with full online support, is the first GM finishing line for the Istanbul-based label converter. It was also the f i r s t ins t a l l a t ion for the local technicians, who used the guidance of G M ’ s e n g i n e e r s w h o supervised the process online. The new GM DCFlex has been configured with GM SmartFlexo UV varnish station with spot varnish, cold foil, semi-rotary die-cutting with Gap Master, back scoring, slitting and dual rewind, giving Doga Etiket a powerful compact system for digital label converting.

Tilia Labs launches AI-driven technology for HP Indigo presses

Tilia Labs, a specialist in planning and imposition technologies for the graphic arts industry, has released its Artificial Intelligence driven software technology to boost productivity for HP Indigo digital printing. The company’s flagship software tilia Phoenix is a planning and imp o s i t i o n package that uses AI technology to reduce cost and optimize production in all print s e g m e n t s including labels and packaging. Its AI-generated layouts eliminate the need for template-based imposition, instead dynamically adapting to manufacturing requirements and constraints – an innovation that earned tilia Phoenix a 2019 InterTech Award.

UPM introduces RW85C wash-off label materials

UPM Raflatac has launched RW85C, new wash-off label materials for PET containers, as part of its SmastCircle sustainable product range. The range is now available in North America. Because PET plastic packaging is lightweight and economical to manufacture, it is in high demand. Although PET has the highest recycling rate among plastics, less than half is collected for recycling, and the vast majority that is recycled is downcycled because it is not suitable for turning back into bottles or food containers. This can be due to the labels not separating well during the recycling process. UPM Raflatac’s new wash-off label materials separate even better than before, due to the improved formulation of the RW85C adhesive offering clarity and haze levels, which leads to higher value PET flakes suitable for newly formed PET containers.

Orion Znakowanie Towarow Adds 3rd Mark Andy Press

Orion Znakowanie Towarow, a print service provider in Wroclaw, Poland, has served a number of customers within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market for 20+ years. Specializing in label production, Orion was one of the first Polish companies to implement Mark Andy’s newest Evolution Series flexo press following its debut at the 2019 L a b e l e x p o tradeshow in Brussels. “It’s the third press from this American vendor purchased by our company during the last four years," said Marek Dziewanowski, president of Orion Znakowanie Towarow. "This investment is another natural step of modernization of our equipment. Evolution Series replaced the long-serving device from another vendor and significantly increased our potential in terms of label production to include more advanced and complex finishes.”

Konica Minolta Announces AccurioJet KM-1e B2+ LED UV Inkjet Press

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), today announced the AccurioJet KM-1e digital color B2+ sheetfed LED UV inkjet production press, continuing its accelerated growth path within the industrial print market. Since its launch at Drupa 2016, the AccurioJet KM-1 has been acclaimed as the top choice among B2+ production digital printing presses. Many leading commercial printers, direct mailers, online printers, inplant print shops, publishing and book printing companies have benefited from multiple installations as a result of the world-class media versatility of Konica Minolta’s original LED UV inkjet technologies. The AccurioJet KM-1 has also realized a high quality that exceeds offset printing without changing the surface quality of the paper media, which has previously been considered impossible with digital printing presses.

Impress confirms second MPS press purchase

Russian printer Impress located in Barnaul, Siberia has confirmed an order for the second, fully automated MPS EFA+ 430 press to further increase its label production capacity and expand smart label production options. The converter ordered an 8-color 430 mm wide, fully automated MPS EFA+ flexo press. The MPS 'Beyond the Machine-approach' with Talk to me connectivity platform was the deciding factor in this second press purchase. ‘We’re highly focused on information technology and Industry 4.0 as automation and process improvement are a top priority at Impress,’ said Pavel Startcev, owner of Impress. ‘Based on experience with our first MPS flexo press, the machine has proven very reliable performance and produces outstanding final product quality. We decided again for MPS, as its innovation in connectivity is truly impressive. Together with increasing production, we’re ready to make a huge step in connectivity and process automation.’

L/M/B Druck Louko fires up a second Rapida 106

In mid-May, the Nuremberg-based company L/M/B Louko began work on installing a new Rapida 106 featuring five printing units, a coater, and hybrid facilities for both conventional and UV finishing. This state-of-the-art, highperformance 3b press is joining a nine-colour model from the same series which has already been in use at the company for the past three years. While the existing press, with its perfecting unit and additional inline coater, is s p e c i f i c a l l y designed for printing covers, the company's latest investment will, above all, allow economical production of jobs requiring a high level of finishing. This includes the full range of conventional and UV coatings, such as drip-off and matt/gloss effects, as well as finishing with gold or silver-coated PET film. Multiple washing and coating circuits used in the coater allow the conversion from conventional to UV coatings or vice versa to be completed faster. Moreover, the new press boasts the same equipment features as the Rapida 106 already being used in production. EES (Emission Extraction System) helps to eliminate any potentially unpleasant odours in the area of the delivery, thereby improving the workplace atmosphere for the operator by reducing finishing-related emissions.

Heidelberg Shanghai production site successfully established in growth market of ChinaHeidelberg Shanghai production site successfully established in growth market of China

In a festive ceremony at the production site Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Shanghai Ltd. (HGES), the packaging printing company Xian Jun Long was presented with a certificate recognizing the manufacture of the 9,999th printing unit in China. In a greeting sent via video link, Rainer Hundsdörfer, Chief Executive Officer of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg), paid tribute to the high level of commitment and successful engagement in China. “Our factory in Shanghai has proven a real success story for Heidelberg in our core business and for our customers. China is the largest individual market for us, and we want to continue to expand our market share of over 50 percent as well as our technological leadership in what is an important market for us by continuing our program of investment: we will be expanding our team in China in Service, Sales, and Production to over 1,000 employees in anticipation of strong market growth in China.” Despite the Covid 19-pandemic, the print volume in China is once again picking up speed and has already exceeded the figures for the previous year.

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